Exotic Meats-Wild Game in a Suburban America

Elk Meat-Elk Tenderloin Roast

Game Meats Can Change How People Think About Dinner

Our lives in America lend themselves to getting things done fast and working from a scripted schedule. When we get off track it leaves us a little unsettled and Rack Of Porkout of our zone of what we can process. The problem is though, life becomes mundane and boring. To open new doors in life we have to sometime go “off road’; this is really true in the food we enjoy and our main dish meats.

How Does Wild Meat fit into Our Tame Lifestyles

Time at the dinner table is important in family life especially; it’s time for us to catch up on what happened in our day and share some laughs and discuss the challenges we have to face each day. A new and different main dish meat can and will assume the center position of conversation and lend itself to a new avenue for special family meals.

Elk a Lean & Natural Choice in Wild Game Meats

If you like to grill stuff then elk may be your wild game choice, elk meat is well suited for cooking out, it has a natural tenderness you never expected.
Cook the racks loins and tenderloins quickly over high heat
The American Elk is a large, hoofed, loud, and highly social member of the deer family, they are also known as “wapiti,” meaning “white rump” in the Shawnee language.

American Elk-Elk Meat

American Elk

The original New Zealand Wapiti Elk were a gift from President Roosevelt, and were released into the southwestern part of South Island of New Zealand – an area with extremely high rainfall, thick forests and very steep mountains.
Elk meat is a good choice even if you have never gone wild, fire up the grill and let’s have some juicy “wapathi”

Nothing Boring About Wild Boar Meat

Some good off road companions for meal time are wild boar meat; wild boar is a delicious variation to your ordinary pork meal. It is available in chops, racks, loins and ribs and can spice up any ordinary meal time into an extraordinary event. I remember growing up how I looked forward to having fresh pork after we butchered a market ready pig. That was the best pork and like nothing you can get in the market. Your crew will look forward to their next wild boar meat with the same spirit of expectation as I did for that fresh pork.

Circle the Wagons Around Delicious Bison Meat

Like the Wild West; well bison is as wild west as it they come; bison is a hearty red meat, much leaner than beef and is easily available from online sources. Buffalo meat like many Buffalo Steakother exotic meats is a healthy alternative to the usual meal time favorites. Bison meat is available in steaks, roasts, ground bison and will add an exciting edge to dinner. Lear more about bison steaks.

Alligator Meat is no Hum Drum Main Dish Meat

Gator meat is a favorite in the Bayou country where it is most likely found, but it has found it’s way onto tables across this country. Alligator meat is tender like Gator Meatchicken, especially fried and is a wholesome change to what you would normally lay out on your table. Not that familiar with gator learn more.


Exotic Meats-A Healthy break from the Usual

No matter how wild you may like to get on your trek of the beaten path, game meats offer healthy alternatives to the average supermarket main dish meats. Wild game meats are customarily naturally raised on family ranches that are attuned to humane animal practices and many practice sustainable production. Wild boar and bison for example are much leaner than what you would purchase in your neighborhood grocer. Ostrich meat is 97% lean and cook and tastes similar to beef. The choices are endless in the wild world. “Get wild and have an adventure around your dinner table“.

Read More about Exotic Meats and how they can be prepared to please your family. Exotic Meats and Game from Fossil Farms

Ostrich Meats

Ostrich Steak


Natural Meats in America

Natural meats is a sort of redundant term, because the word natural is thrown bigstockphoto_Raw_Steak_1293796around fairly recklessly. My next post will address this on a deeper level. make sure to check back to get the low down on healthy meats.





Meats are at the heart of what makes dinner special. When you are planning a special meal or occasion remember to go wild and wow your guests with some healthy and outrageously good Exotic Meats from http://freerangemeat.us.

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